Top 5 Fonts for Graphic Designers

  • Optima
  • The primary strength of Optima is its classic appearance. The combination of thin strokes and bulged curves makes for a conservative to elegant choice in designs. This font is used in Estée Lauder Companies and Aston Martin official branding.

    Although some graphic designers prefer a few selected fonts for their designs, web design has a wide selection of fonts for their diverse projects.

    Do you ever wonder about the most used fonts by graphic designers? From books to even logos of different multinational companies, discover the fonts that are heavily used not only by graphic design Birmingham but all over the world:

    • Helvetica

    Developed by Max Medienger in 1957, Helvetica is possibly the most popular font used in graphic design Birmingham today. Due to its ability to adapt in any environment, it is widely chosen for any application design worldwide. It has superior letterform and spacing that looks good in both small and large forms. Companies such as Target, Toyota, Motorola, Panasonic, Verizon Wireless, American Airlines, American Apparel and Microsoft use Helvetica in their logos.

    • Baskerville

    Created in 1957, this font uses a combination of thick and thin strokes with rounded letters. Because of consistency and simplicity of letterforms, Baskerville is commonly used in newspapers, books, newsletters and other printed documents. In fact, a lot of documents from University of Birmingham and Canadian government materials are printed in Baskerville.

    • Bickham Script Pro

    Richard Lipton developed this romantic and elaborate font in 1997. Its stylish yet formal look makes for a very versatile font. It’s not surprising that you see Bickham Script in various invitations, annual reports, menus, packaging and logos.

    • Lucida Sans

    This font is part of Lucida family and was designed by Bigelow and Holmes in 1995. Lucida Sans is greatly used in blogs and websites and small texts design because of its clarity even in small sizes. Lucida Sans is the font used in Facebook and the user interface of Mac OS X.